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VPN Services, Ltd.: You need to gen up on the Bobness. He's from NY, so the choice of a passthrough server in the People's Republic of Congo might not have been the most convincing subterfuge. Sept 22, 2019 19:05:05 GMT 2
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Dave Dexter: I see the recent upheaval has actually made the place less active :P Oct 13, 2019 23:57:57 GMT 2
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saQi: Hi All Oct 15, 2019 0:14:27 GMT 2
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peyton: Hi everyone! I am new to this forum. Nov 5, 2019 21:54:14 GMT 2
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Gx: Welcome saQi and peyton. An extended version of Cage's 4'33" has affected the rhythm of commentary here, though feel free to pierce to silence! Cheers! Nov 7, 2019 19:16:47 GMT 2
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paulinefrechette: HI! I've just joined Composers Forum and am excited to listen to and discover new music by my contemporary composers! I look forward to hearing from you. Feb 27, 2020 7:37:42 GMT 2
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iriskreimans: Hello ! Im a new member ! Im looking forward to meet you, and your music ! Apr 22, 2020 1:18:16 GMT 2
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theelvenespio: Hey guys! Not sure if anyone has Discord, but I own a server for composition, theory, and performance. We have ~1500 members at the time of posting. Apr 28, 2020 4:52:03 GMT 2
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scott: Greetings. I just joined this forum. I hope everyone is doing well. May 9, 2020 2:38:47 GMT 2
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Iryna: Welcome Scott. We're glad to have you here. May 15, 2020 19:33:54 GMT 2
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Michael: Hi there, I just joined the group. Its nice to meet you all! May 21, 2020 0:29:48 GMT 2
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Michael: I've recorded some original pieces for the guzheng (chinese zither) that I'll post up here sometime this week. May 21, 2020 0:31:16 GMT 2
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McIan: Hi everyone. I am a newcomer to this forum. Nice to meet you all! May 21, 2020 22:50:50 GMT 2
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Iryna: Just a warning friends.. someone is trying to harass our group by reporting all of our Facebook links to this site as "abusive". It won't work, and we know who's behind this. Keep posting your music, and we'll keep promoting it! Jul 14, 2020 17:46:41 GMT 2
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Iryna: With almost 4.5K members strong, we're bound to attract unwanted attention from jealous souls. Keep composing, and let's keep a positive attitude. Let the haters wallow in their own venom, and pay them no precious attention. Jul 14, 2020 17:51:05 GMT 2
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jjmtz: Hello everyone. New member to this forum. I am a composer based in Dallas. Nice to meet everyone! Aug 13, 2020 1:41:29 GMT 2
jim1982 Avatar
jim1982: Hey everyone, I'm a jazz musician and composer from Israel, thank for accepting me! Sept 23, 2020 8:58:16 GMT 2
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eduardobellon: Hello everyone! I've just introduced myself and I look forward to meeting more composers! :) Dec 7, 2020 15:52:16 GMT 2
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todzilla: Ayyyyyy.....this is I supposed to share music now? Jan 24, 2021 21:51:42 GMT 2 *
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agnepa: Glad to join the community! Mar 16, 2021 20:58:59 GMT 2
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